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Sales Settings

A sales phase is a set of conditions that define when and how your users can claim an NFT from your drop.
The Spark drop contract supports multiple sequential and concurrent sales phases.
Within a sales phase, you can define:
  • When the sales phase will start
  • How many NFTs do you want to drop
  • How much do you want to charge per NFT
  • Which wallet addresses are allowed to mint (allowlist)
  • How many NFTs can be claimed per transaction
  • Which category of NFT will be made available?
Follow these steps to create and customize your NFT sales phase:
Step 1: Sales Phase Image Upload an image that represents your Sales Phase. The image will be displayed during the sales phase. You can upload a PNG, JPG or GIF file with a maximum size of 800x400 pixels.
Step 2: Sales Phase Start and End Time/Date Define the start and end date/time for your Sales Phase. Please note the time zone you select. When the end date/time is met, the sales phase will end automatically.
Step 3: NFT Price and Payment Method Set the price for each NFT in your Sales Phase and choose the payment method. You can charge any amount in ETH.
Step 4: Wallet Limit Define the maximum number of NFTs that can be minted to a single wallet. If you want to allow unlimited minting, you can select "Unlimited" as the limit.
Step 5: Allowlist Choose who can purchase NFTs in this Sales Phase. You can select "Anyone Can Mint" to allow anyone to purchase your NFTs.
Step 6: Quantity of NFTs on Sale Define the maximum number of NFTs you want to offer in this Sales Phase. When this number is met, the Sales Phase will end automatically.
Step 7: Which NFTs do you want to offer in this Sales Phase? Select the trait options that will be available for minting in this phase. Keep in mind that these NFTs will not be available in other Sales Phases.
After following these steps, you can now create and customize your Sales Phase for your NFTs. Once the Sales Phase is created, users can purchase your NFTs using ETH. When the Sales Phase ends, users will no longer be able to purchase NFTs from that phase. You can then create a new Sales Phase with different settings and continue selling your NFTs.
To configure the sales phase, click the Sales Phases tab.